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Pornography, Extreme Pornography & Indecent Images/videos of Children
Online porn is a huge industry (as the table on the right shows). It is a complicated industry that lately sees important changes, especially with the advent of "tube" type websites. Based on the concept of YouTube, there are numerous of open websites, where amateurs can post their own sex videos. This has created a series of problems, most important of which is the posting of videos without the consent of all participants.

Although the adult industry is somewhat regulated in the western world, it is not so much in Asia and Africa. There lies the problem of what is being filmed. Porn is generally legal, when watched by an adult when the participants are adults. However some jurisdictions (like Scotland) have criminalized what is called "extreme pornography". This includes scenes of rape, sex with animals and dead people.

Child pornography is one of the main burdens of police forces around the world. It is reported that in the UK, the electronic crime units spend more than 80% of their time and resources on child pornography. With backlogs that may go up to one year, this creates another additional problem on the quality of the investigations and the serving of justice.
Online Porn Statistics

4.2 Million
pornographic websites
(12% of total websites)

68 Million
daily pornographic
search engine requests
(25% of total requests)

of average users
received unwanted
pornographic exposure

1.5 Billion
pornographic downloads
per month (peer-to-peer)
(35% of total downloads)

Of internet users
view pornography

72 Million
worldwide internet
users visit adult
sites per month
Like in every criminal discipline, there are innocent and guilty people. We have helped parents and spouses who had suspicions about child pornography being viewed on their family computers. We also helped people who were wrongly accused for watching child pornograpy with non scientific age determinations, poor and circumstantial evidence by the police and the prosecution.
Have you been charged with child pornography or extreme pornography offences?

Contact us, or have your lawyer contact us, to discuss your case in details.
Did you know?
* Child porn is now called indecent images of children, as the word pornography implies consent.
* Porn and children statistics are worst than you may imagine (click here)
* There is an increasing volume of child porn images that is actually self produced . aka"selfies"