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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Can I recover deleted documents and images from my computer?
YES. The amount of files that can be recovered depends on the physical condition of the hard disk, and the amount of use the disk drive has suffered since the file was deleted.

In most cases, the recovery from hard disk drives is more successful than from mobile phones or flash memory.

In many instances, we may recover even older versions of documents or other files that the customer was not even aware they existed.
Can I find out what my children are doing online?
YES. We can recover browsing history from all major browsers, including deleted history.

The only restriction is when the user used "incognito" or "private browsing" when accessing the internet.
What kind of information can you retrieve from a PC or laptop?
Usually we can retrieve a wealth of information from a computer. Depending on the level of usage and the time elapsed since the incident (i.e. when something was deleted) we can recover photos, documents, videos, temporary files, internet activities, logs etc.
Can you recover deleted messages and photos from a mobile phone?
The answer is usually yes. Different mobile phones have different capacities and that is the first limitation. Also some messages may not be fully recovered, or some of their ID info may be lost (i.e. if it was sent, received, the date stamp, etc.). More sophisticated mobile phones need more work but may provide more data.
Can you retrieve calls to and from a mobile from the device?
Yes, depending on the capacity of the mobile phone. Most phones can keep a certain amount of calls, and SIM cards usually can keep up to 10 calls per category. Another limitation is the amount of time lapsed. Many smartphones have settings that allow them to keep call logs up to 30 days
Can you trace the origin of an email ?
In most of the cases yes. However very sophisticated fraudsters who send messages from webmail accounts (i.e. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail) may use proxy servers or anonymisers to disguise their origin. However most of the times the embedded info can be analysed and alternatively can exclude places of origin.
Can you find out where a mobile phone has been?
The most accurate way to do that is to analyse the data provided by the mobile operator, at your request. By investigating the device, you may find out by using GPS data in photos or satnav logs when the phone is GPS enabled.
Can you access my child's email account and Instant Messenger chats?
Yes we may be able to help you. However special arrangements need to be made and some legal paperwork needs to be filed in. This applies when your child is a minor, and you have concerns about their welfare and safety.
Can you find out if sensitive information has been removed from my business computer?
Yes, in most of the cases. Again it depends on the time since the event and the usage of the computer since.
I am accused of a crime. Can you use my mobile to prove I was not at the locus?
Yes we can. Please contact us or even better have your solicitor contact us, to discuss the details further.
The police found indicent images of children on my computer. Can you help?
These cases are complicated and it often depends on the circumstances these images ended up on your computer. However we have experience in challenging police reports, and we can talk with your lawyer in order to get the full picture in order to evaluate the situation.
My mobile/computer is held by the police as evidence. Can you examine it?
YES. We shall arrange via your solicitor to examine the evidence and prepare a forensic report.