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Data Privacy
Strathclyde Forensics will ensure that the privacy of your data will remain confidential at all times:

Public Disclosure

1. We shall only disclose private data either with your written consent, or to someone you (or a court) have handed power of attorney, or if ordered by a court. There are no other possibilities where we shall give your private data at any time.
2. We shall disclose to the police information related to the commission of a violent crime or an act of terrorism. We shall always disclose to the police evidence of child pornography
3. We shall never publicize your case. We may use for marketing purposes information on a case we worked that is already on the public domain (ie. Newspapers, TV etc.)
4. We may use non-identifiable information from your case for our statistics. No private or demographic information will be disclosed.
Data Protection

1. We shall not expose your data to any external threats
2. We shall take every precaution to ensure your data is stored safely.
3. We shall never process or disseminate your data outside the EU, unless you are based outside the EU and we need to communicate or provide  you with work and/or evidence material.
4. We shall never use a back-office service with access to our case material
5. At the end of our investigations, and after a short period (that would be determined by factors like court dates, court decisions etc.) we shall destroy all private data recovered, after you have confirmed receipt of a copy of it. If you wish us to keep the data for longer, you will have to notify us about the reason and the time you want us to keep the data.
6. We shall retain copies of forensic and consulting reports, emails and faxes (including any other communication) for our records.
7. Sensitive personal information will be kept in locked safes and/or in bank deposit boxes.