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Ashley Madison leaks. How can you protect yourself.
The recent leaks from Ashley Madison have exposed more than 37 million account holders to blackmail, ridicule and an exposure that can have adverse results on the victim's personal, family and professional life.

It is human nature to try and search to see if your email or name is listed in a database but this is not advisable.

What you should not do:

1. Do not search for your email against any website that offers a free service. You do not know if they hold the real database, and you may end up adding your email to another spam list. Some websites will offer you a registration to help you, and you will end up providing more personal information and card details.

2. By using a free checking service that you do not know who is behind or where it is hosted, you may just confirm your private details and expose yourself to blackmail.

3. Do not use a website you never heard about before until now. The best case scenario is that you will waste time and money for someone to actually tell  you to get a lawyer and sue Ashley Madison.

What you should do:

You should contact Strathclyde Forensics and discuss your concerns with us. We are offering a comprehensive package that will help you minimize your exposure and help you with your damage control. The information is out there and it can not be removed. What can be done is that links to that information can be controlled. We can provide you with the following:

1. Analysis of your exposure the moment you register with our service
2. 24/7 monitoring of your data online for one year
3. Issue orders to Google, Bing and other search engines to remove listings of your private data from their search results.
4. Advice on how to secure your privacy in the future.

ACT NOW ! Contact Strathclyde Forensics for a professional response to the Ashley Madison leaks.