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Neutral Forensics© is our new proposal for dispute resolution. Click here to find out more.
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Second Opinion. One more innovative service for solicitors and arbitrators.
Due Diligence Services. A comprehensive service for solicitors and businesses.
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Electronic Exit Interviews for businesses

SECOND OPINION A new service for solicitors.

A new way for dealing with disputes.

ASHLEY MADISON. See how we can help you if you are a victim of the Ashley Madison leak.

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Hard Disk
Computer Forensics is the investigation of computer systems in order to recover evidence that can be used in a court, a tribunal, a dispute or any other lawful purpose.

Strathclyde Forensics has the expertise, the right people and the technology to provide exceptional computer forensic services and deliver reporting and evidence that will stand in court.

We work together with our clients in order to ensure that their goals are achieved, and that they have received all the necessary expert advice in order to make the right choices.
Computer Forensics
mobile forensics
Mobile Phone Forensics has risen exponentially the last 6 years, and Strathclyde Forensics has been following closing all the developments in this sector.

We have analysed different types of handsets from the latest smartphones to old legacy ones and cheap burners. We provide a comprehensive service to solicitors, private clients and businesses alike.
Mobile Phone Forensics
Litigation Support
At Strathclyde Forensics we have been working with solicitors since 2008 and we have the experience and know-how to support solicitors in all aspects of litigation.

Be it commercial, employment, family, criminal or any other form, we are here to guide you step by step in your dealings with digital evidence, from identifying it, recovering and analyzing it, to its presentation in court.

Litigation Support & e-Disclosure
Police Forensic Reports are often the main material evidence in criminal cases, and
other Expert Reports are used in both criminal and civil courts.

Being on the receiving side of such reports requires an expert response. It is often the
best defence to attack other forensic reports for errors, biases and lack of evidence or
data analysis.

Strathclyde Forensics has years of experience in providing analysis and evidence
against police forensic and expert reports, to the degree that these may be rendered
inadmissible in court.
Auditing of Police Forensics and other Experts' Reports
Strathclyde Forensics provide tailor made CPD courses to solicitors and other professionals. Some of the areas covered by our courses (but not limited to) are:

Identify the presence of digital evidence in a case.
Act according to set guidelines in order to preserve evidence from loss or contamination and perform their due diligence.
Ensure that their practice has the appropriate procedures in place to preserve and protect private client data.
Understand the implication of modern technology in the workplace
Understand and use social media and the web as a business and research tool
Data Recovery
Hard disks, media cards and all storage devices at some point are bouond to fail. When disaster strucks you need to be prepared. If you do not have viable backup of a cetain piece of data, you need to know that you stand a good chance of recovering your precious data.

Strathclyde Forensics offers ad hoc or support contracts to provide you with the peace of mind you need.
Data Recovery
Due Diligence
Digital Evidence is something new for many legal professionals. It is easy to misinterpret or ignore its presence and its weight on a particular case. It is however important to make sure that your clients interests are best served, and that you will avoid future complaints or liability for malpractice.

Contracting Strathclyde Forensics will guarantee that your cases have been investigated for the presence of digital evidence and that action is taken when necessary. This will make all the difference to your clients and will enjoy the best service possible.
Due Diligence
Permanent Data Destruction
Whether you want to destroy some or all the data in a drive, whatever the reason you need to do it, Strathclyde Forensics will use military standards software to sanitize your hard disk drives and make sure that your private or business data are not recoverable. You may be selling your computer, or your business, returning one to a friend or ex partner, or simply returning a business computer: make sure your private story remains exactly that....private.

We also provide a certification service, to prove that specific data has been permanently removed from your device.
Data Destruction
Our Corporate Clients
Flying Bat
This is a selected list of our corporate clients, both solicitors and businesses, in Scotland, England and abroad.
Forensic Training
Strathclyde Forensics offers one to one tuition to people who want to enhance their digital forensics understanding, and to IT practitioners who wish to enhance their skills with knowledge of forensic procedures.

We also provide training for academic establishments, law enforcement agencies and other professionals.
Forensic training (gray)
Training for businesses
Training gray image
Strathclyde Forensics provides businesses with in-house training, to help them develop a comprehensive IT security philosophy, that goes further than an IT policy document.

University of Glasgow logo
UWS logo
University of Strathclyde logo
Strathclyde Forensics is working closely with Universities and welcomes invitations as a guest speaker. We have been invited to deliver presentations to computer forensics and other IT and business students, in many occassions the last 4 years.
Working with Universities
Parents & Schools
With children getting online and using computers and game consoles from an early age, it is imperative that schools and parents stay abreast of the technology their children have access to.

This is not always easy, as not all parents have the relevant IT skills, and children are very good at finding their ways around security.

Strathclyde Forensics provide training and advice to parents and teachers, to help them prepare. And if something does go wrong, we are here to help you and guide you resolve any problem your loved ones are found in.
Attending International Events
Counter Terror Expo
Strathclyde Forensics attends major exhibitions and awareness events in the UK and abroad.

2013 - Project Griffin Awarenes Day (Glasgow, Scotland)
2013 - Euro Forensics (Istanbul, Turkey)
2013 - Forensics Euro Expo (London, England)
2014 - Forensics Euro Expo (London, England)
2014 - Counter Terror Expo (London, England)
Forensics Euro Expo
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Euro Forensics
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Strathclyde Forensics is a member of the ICTTF group
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DHS - FEMA Training on Cyber Crime and Cybersecurity
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Strathclyde Forensic's owner, Mr Vassilios Manoussos, is one of the founding members of the UK's Digital Forensic Society
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Strathclyde Forensics is a private consultancy that provides bespoke services in the fields of computer and mobile phone forensics, data recovery,  data destruction, and associated litigation support services. Strathclyde Forensics offers end-to-end digital forensics solutions to legal professionals, businesses and private clients. Based in Glasgow we cover all of Scotland, the rest of the UK and the EMEA market.

Our expertise lies in computer forensics, mobile forensic investigation, cell site data analysis and electronic crime. Unlike other forensic investigators, we try to expand the scope of our digital investigations to more than computers and mobile devices. Our portfolio is always enriched to deal with new digital devices and client requirements. We hand pick our associates, in order to cover the range of this portfolio of services and we invest constantly in CPD training programmes. We work together with Universities in order to support the development of digital forensics in the UK.

As part of our services, and in response to a demand by our clients in the legal profession, we offer CPD training for solicitors in Scotland, in the areas of digital evidence, computer forensics, Social Media and cyber fraud. These courses are designed to help solicitors deal with digital evidence in a non technical, efficient and proportional manner.
Computer Forensics Services for solicitors, business and private clients.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Litigation Support

Expert Witness Service

Due Diligence
for Solicitors and Businesses

CPD for Solicitors
Group and tailor made CPD courses
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